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There are over species of birds found in the delta during summer, [9] of which are hatching species and are migratory. Or, simply to explore the delta and visit secluded beaches or villages. The rewilding process has also provided examples of new or additional ways to make a living, based on these wild resources.

Enjoy a stroll along the mile-long fine-sand beach. From there you could rent a car to get there but it would be of no use during your stay in the Delta, other choices would be by bus or a private transfer. Occasionally, the willow trees form corridors along the arms and bigger channels of the Danube.

Scheduled boat service between Tulcea and Sulina with stops in: You will find accommodation on the profile sites and the locals from Romania are very friendly and helpful.

It is a favourite staging area for passage migrants and also wintering grounds for masses of migrating waterbirds from the steppes, the boreal forests and the tundras further north.

Only around 20, people live in the delta region, and even so, they are mostly grouped in 27 or so small towns and the larger city of Sulina.

The foot-tall lighthouse, located in the middle of town, was built in and restored in by the Danube Commission.

Fishing Season on the Danube Delta With over species of fish, fishing in the Danube Delta is a mecca for fresh and saltwater anglers. Places to explore The Danube Delta is comprised of an intricate network of waterways and lakes divided between the three main estuary channels of the Danube.

Near Fetesti city you have to pass a bridge where you pay a toll of 13 RON 3 EURit can be paid there by cash only and also in gas stations along A2 also by cash or by card. The delta region includes extensive examples of unaltered rivers, lakes, reed beds, marshes, steppes, dunes, sandbars, coasts, lagoons, salt marshes and climax forests.

A rare and beautiful sight. Murighiol, Mahmudia, Dunavatu or Nufaru. In the interior of the delta, the continental character of the climate is very pronounced. The entire delta region comprises 1, acres of which 1, acres are in Romania andacres in the Ukraine. The Danube Delta ecosystem has undergone a large scale restoration both on the Ukrianian and the Romanian side, mainly through reflooding of former polders and reconnecting large lakes systems with the Danube river dynamics.

The maze of canals bordered by thatch, willows and oaks entangled in lianas, offers the perfect breeding ground for countless species of birds, some of them from as far away as China and Africa.

The entire delta region comprises 1, acres of which 1, acres are in Romania andacres in the Ukraine. Stamp of Romania, Reed plants and floating reed islands called plaur in Romania are the most common and well known components of the Danube Delta.

Murighiol, Mahmudia, Dunavatu or Nufaru. Over one million individual birds swans, wild ducks, cootsetc.

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The Danube Delta is not for everybody. It is a quiet space, an open, light and wild space, full of life and miracles. Life on the river is sometimes hard, but really worth it.

The Danube River will pass through ten countries and four continents before it empties into the Black Sea creating the second largest, most well-preserved river delta in.

1. Sulina channel 2. Sunset in Danube Delta 3. Enisala castle 1. Sfantu Gheorghe (Saint George) 2. Sulina 3. Crisan 4.

Murighiol 5. Mila 23 Green Village.

25 Reasons to Visit Romania (1): Danube Delta

May 18,  · 1. You can do a day trip to the Danube river (which is about one hour south of Bucharest), but not really to the Danube Delta (which is hours away). From Bucharest you could do a day trip to the nearby Comana natural park/swamp - it is, very approximately, similar to.

Using natural dynamics as drivers of change. One of the least populated areas in Europe, the Danube Delta offers a unique opportunity to restore a whole spectrum of biodiverse habitats – from open estuarine systems, naturally grazed grassland and vast reed beds through to freshwater marshes, coastal lagoons, shallow lakes and riverine forests.

Sep 26,  · Tulcea is the capital of the Danube Delta and a large city with lots of tour companies. You should be able to find a english speaking guide with no great difficulty/5().

Danube delta
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